About Us

Supporting Local Solutions for Developing Communities

As governments and world organizations work to establish much needed HIV-related protocols and public health policies, The Ihangane Project recognizes that many underserved communities are searching for the tools to develop creative solutions for their own unique needs. Our organization recognizes that combating HIV at a local level may be different for each community. The Ihangane Project provides funding and programmatic support for projects that are generated from people living in underserved communities that are most impacted by HIV

Our Philosophy

We believe that those on the front lines in the communities hardest hit by HIV have a clear understanding of what their needs are and how these needs can be addressed in a timely, sustainable and culturally sensitive manner.

Our Approach

The Ihangane Project supports community-initiated projects that improve HIV prevention, education, diagnosis, and treatment in local communities. Projects may be directly related to HIV, such as interventions that increase access to HIV testing or integrate HIV services with other services like malnutrition. The projects may also be indirectly related to HIV through projects such as those that support the socioeconomic empowerment of high risk groups. We work with the project leaders to incorporate a system of monitoring and evaluation into each project, as well to consider issues of long term sustainability. We are currently focusing our efforts in the Northern Province of Rwanda, and are working with medical professionals and women’s groups to support programs proposed by local people to bridge the gaps in their communities’ HIV prevention, education, diagnosis and treatment programs.