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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

The Ihangane Project empower Rwandan communities to develop integrated approaches to the complex challenges of HIV by supporting community-driven projects that increase access to health care, improve health care quality, and foster long term success through economic development.

Our Model:

Our model facilitates a process of infrastructure analysis & program development in a way that fosters empowerment and provides needed technical support.  We strive to build systems of meaningful monitoring and evaluation into each intervention. The series of short and long view approaches address sustainability of a clinical program by tackling the barriers to long term success such as local food insecurity or poor infrastructure.

Because our area of expertise lies with our medical knowledge and our ability to build relationships within communities, we form strategic alliances with organizations that provide technical expertise for the non-medical aspects of the programs. Our most important partnerships lie within the communities served by Ruli District Hospital. We collaborate with community leaders in health, business, and agriculture, in addition to recipients of medical care.

Our holistic approach provides an opportunity to apply gold standard Global Health initiatives in vulnerable communities through integrated approaches that engage community stakeholders, minimize program silos, improve system efficiencies and address socioeconomic challenges to long term success.

Our Vision:

We envision a world in which preventative health care is the norm, in which health care is considered a basic human right, and in which short term health gains are not cut short by socioeconomic marginalization.