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Wendy Leonard, MD, AAHIVS, Executive Director
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  delphine cropped-001 Uwamahoro Delphine, Country Director

 Delphine began working with The Ihangane Project as a translator for our 2012 WDI Global Impact Fellow. She quickly demonstrated her impressive skills in communication, empathy and ability to understand systems. Prior to becoming Country Director, Delphine oversaw the implementation of the Clinical Nutrition Program for HIV-Exposed Infants and later designed and implemented program expansion to include HIV+ pregnant women. She works with all stakeholders to develop a strong, systematic program that can be duplicated at all health centers in the catchment area of Ruli District Hospital. Delphine studied Medical Imaging Sciences in Kigali Health Institute where she received an advanced Diploma. She received her Bachelors degree in Medical Imaging Sciences from ECUREI(Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute), and is currently working towards her Master’s in Public Health.


DSCN0249Mukeshimana Gratien, Assistant to Country Director

Gratien has a bachelor’s degree in animal husbandry through the High Institute of Agriculture & Animal Husbandry in Busogo, Rwanda. He began working with The Ihangane Project through a 2011 internship in which he partnered with Stephanie Blount to provide business development skills to the Women Artisan Program. As Assistant to Country Director, he brings a wide array of skills to TIP. He provides translation, supports all programming, and will be integral to establishing farming cooperatives at each of the 7 health centers in the catchment area of Ruli District Hospital.


Ngarambe Jean de DieuNgarambe Jean de Dieu, Business & Internet Technology Specialist

As the Coordinator for the Women’s Associations Partnership, Ngarambe is the glue that has made this project possible. Because of his excellent language skills, he tirelessly translates at meetings, for craft orders, and in emails. Ngarambe has been attending business school at the National University of Rwanda, Butare since January 2011. He skillfully shares his academic knowledge with Ihangane Ruli Cooperative to creatively improve access to local markets.


jpNdikubwayo Jean Pierre, Agronomist & Community Nutrition Specialist

Jean Pierre, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Soil & Environment Management from the National University of Rwanda, is our newest team member. He is passionate about serving vulnerable populations, and loves to teach and foster community collaboration.  His goal with the Ihangane Project is to teach the best ways to promote sustainable soil and environmental protection/conservation, while also encouraging good health. He is  undertaking a weekend Masters program in Public Health at the  Mount Kenya University,Kigali campus. Welcome Jean Pierre!


   HTheouriro Uwacu Theophila, Data Specialist

Theophila is completing her final year of her bachelor’s degree in Biostatistics & Epidemiology at the National University of Rwanda in Ruhengeri, and plans to continue her education through graduate school in Public Health. She brings her incredible knowledge of biostatistics and survey development to our nutrition program. She will work with Sean to conduct surveys of both Community Nutrition Workers and nutrition program participants to identify areas in which the Ihangane Project can best assist the community in meeting Ministry of Health protocols and in fostering  long term malnutrition prevention.

IMG_1011Ishimwe Angela Bienvenue, Education Specialist


Angele received a Bachelor degree in “Chemistry with Education” at the Kigali Institute of Education. She is continuing her post graduate education at the University of Rwanda, Huye campus, where she is studying “Quality Control and pharmaceutical analysis”. Angele started working with The Ihangane Project as an intern, where she assisted our Peace corps volunteer in designing the TIP Education model and teaching the model to  NHI nurses from 7 Health centers of Ruli Hospital Catchment area.  As TIP’s Education Specialist, Angele supports all TIP programs by working with our stakeholders to improve their teaching abilities.



IMG_4957Breanne Fitzgerald, Peace Corps Volunteer

Breanne Fitzgerald is a Peace Corps volunteer serving with The Ihangane Project for 2 years. She is from California and has a background in horticulture and music. She loves finding sustainable solutions to help Rwandans in her community and has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of the TIP Education Model that serves as a foundation of our work across all programs.

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