Artisans Speak! Interview with Igihe, National Rwandan Newspaper In Rwanda


Gakenke: The women from Ruli have decided to participate in business even though, they met some problems.

Written on 7-08-2012 – Time 09:55′ by Abdou Nyampeta

 (Original Post in Kinyarwanda)

’’Now, we decided to stand up to specify our inventions whether in Rwanda or abroad, in selling for gaining funds and continuing to own respect.’’

Said by Mukankuranga Beata, a member of handcraft cooperative called (COVARU) localized in Ruli sector. She lives in Busoro cell, Ruli sector, Gakenke district, Northern Province, and she spoke in an interview with IGIHE  on Monday, 06th August 2012 at Gikondo where the 15th  international exhibition take a place.

This cooperative is composed by ladies who are determined to fight against the poverty by making handcraft products fabricated in banana leaves and sisals sponsored by the National women council.   

Mukankuranga Betty said it is the first time our cooperative gets here in the international exhibition. She said ’’ We came here to publish our inventions for being known and selling to gain money. Secondly we came to learn how others work in order to get something from them or they get something from us”. Some problems emerged for them are: Delay to go back to their hotels caused by the lack of transportation and a bit matter of stopping for a short while of electricity power in the exposition area.