Duteraninkunga Association in Nyange

The recent report from the Duteraninkunga Association in Nyange inspired me to pull up some photos from my last visit in January 2012.  This past winter, I had the pleasure of working with this association.  Over the past year, they have worked very hard to grow a kitchen garden on site at the Nyange clinic and this winter, they expanded to include the cultivation of farmland in the community as well.  The lessons learned and successes they have had with the kitchen garden will certainly help them as they continue to expand their project.

Association leadership standing next to the keyhole kitchen garden at Nyange Health Center:

Cabbage growing at the Nyange Clinic kitchen garden:

Duteraninkunga Association just days before beginning cultivation:

Duteraninkunga Farming Association:

James Radawich, a horticulture specialist and TIP volunteer, worked with the association to improve on cultivation techniques and expanding the project:

Dr. Avite, Ruli Hospital Director, and Michella, TIP Assistant Director of Programming. Working closely with Dr. Avite in expanding the projects and improving the health status of the Ruli District: