We would greatly appreciate any volunteer services you may be interested in offering.  We have many volunteer opportunities, and some are listed below. If these ideas peak your interest, or you would like to get involved in other ways, please email us at info@theihanganeproject.com


Examples of Volunteer Opportunities:

*Technical Assistance for specific projects:

      ~Business Management

      ~Product distribution

     ~Nutritional Consultation

*Internship Opportunities Available in Santa Cruz, CA and in Rwanda

     ~Women’s Associations Partnership

     ~Nutritional Support for HIV-Exposed Infants

*Fundraising Events

*Buddy System~This is a new opportunity:

The Ihangane Project occasionally receives proposals that we are not able to accomodate due to financial or time constraints. We would like to connect these organizations with an advocate that can assist them in finding other resources for their project. This may be as simple as directing them to social networking sites, or as detailed as assisting with grantwriting and connections with grantmakers. If this is for you, please contact us at info@theihanganeproject.com

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