Introducing our Friends @ the Rwandan Economic Development Initiative

We are excited to introduce you to Rwandan Economic Development Initiative (REDI)!  We have been inspired by the impressive work of REDI’s founder, Christine Condo. She is a powerful Rwandan woman who is organizing other women to lift themselves out of poverty.  Christine has taken her extensive experience working with coffee cooperatives through Fair Trade USA (formally Trans Fair USA) to support rural farmers as they strengthen their cooperatives and business strategies.


REDI is a non-profit organization founded in February of 2010 with the main objective of proving strategic trade-related assistance to the small holder coffee farmers. It is engaged in the entire value chain of improving production and building up sustainable market access through improvement of business performance, increasing market linkages and quality production supply.


REDI Mission:

To provide support and technical expertise, institutional and financial capacity building for coffee cooperative members to meet the requirements of the international Fair Trade certification.

REDI Vision:

To improve the living standards of cooperative members and their families through members’ empowerment, education for better community health, and a healthy environment.


REDI Values: Empowerment, Fair Trade, Partnerships,Transparency, Accountability, Sustainability, Efficiency, Participation, and Profitability.


Main Activities of REDI


Negotiating financial support for processing and marketing operations

Sensitizing new cooperatives to obtain Fair Trade certification

Supporting cooperatives to meet all standards requirements

Encouraging and promoting women in the coffee sector

Capacity Building within the cooperative to ensure that all systems are in place

Participating in national and international producer conferences and exhibitions

Producer trainings, exhibitions, and workshops




Core Objectives:


Increase and strengthen the capacity of farmers’ cooperatives with particular attention to those involved in the coffee sector

Optimize the benefits given such organizations to their members and vice versa

Strengthen the capacities and abilities of the executive secretaries, the cooperative management and staff, and the representative bodies of the organizations, improve the overall business performance of farmers, rural business people and their organizations.

Promote the women’s agenda and perspective operating in the sector

Collaborate with other national and international organizations

Improve the socioeconomic welfare of the farmers through:

  •  Fighting against HIV/AIDS & stigmatization of people living with HIV/AIDS
  •  Sanitary education and Family Planning
  •  Adult Literacy
  •  Education for environmental education and literacy